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Wood-Plastic Composite

The main advantage of WPC is that it retains the best properties of wood while eliminating its problems. Unlike other WPC brands we use TherraWood® WPC which is imported from Turkey and benchmarks in quality. WPCs do not corrode and are highly resistant to rot, decay, and marine borer attack.

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The lifespan of wood is limited when exposed to moisture and insect damage. Wooden decks require chemical treatments to maintain appearance and structural integrity. Screw heads pop out over time and required maintenance generates extra cost and takes time away from your fun and relaxation. In addition, the safety of wooden structures can put friends and family at risk with splintered or slippery surfaces.



A charming pergola provides the perfect shady spot to escape the hot summer sun. TherraWood has combined high-quality wood fibers and virgin polymer resins to create pergolas that look remarkably like real wood but with far higher durability and greatly reduced maintenance.Pergolas built by TherraWood are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles including open, semi-open or closed designs. Both freestanding and attached models are available to meet your needs. These structures add architectural charm and elegance to any outdoor setting.



Although railings are often one of the last items to be selected and installed they are often the most prominent feature in any outdoor space. Until now you could chose from vinyl with its plastic chalky look, aluminum which will eventually oxidize or hollow composite products often requiring inserts for strength. We were not happy with those choices and as a result, designed our own hybrid system. Our railing system not only looks great but offers several advantages unique to our product. Our railing is manufactured with a strong aluminum core for strength and a composite outer layer for durability and appearance. But we didn't stop there. You can choose between a smooth or a more natural looking brushed finish. If you prefer, you can replace the traditional baluster look with glass panels or stainless steel cable. You will not find a better system or one with more exciting options.



TherraWood fences will transform your environment into a beautiful outdoor living area. This practical solution to privacy and protection offers all of the low-maintenance advantages of a durable composite material while avoiding the many disadvantages of traditional wood products. After time most wood fences deteriorate and actually detract from your property’s value.  TherraWood fences make a design statement right from the start and will maintain that attractive new look for many years to come.  Our fencing systems are easy to install, strong, durable, cost effective over time and protected by a 20 year limited warranty.



The natural timber effect of wood composite siding is an elegant alternative to improve the exterior of any residential or commercial building. Let inspiration be your guide as you design your project using TherraWood’s wide range of options. Our product comes in a pleasing variety of colors with some having two differently textured usable sides. Options also include your choice of colors for both inside and outside corners.

TherraWood composite siding provides a protective layer against all weather conditions. Our product is highly resistant to moisture and provides additional insulation qualities. Long-term durability, easy installation and cost effective maintenance make TherraWood an excellent choice for enhancing any building.



Our new hybrid profiles are created by a revolutionary manufacturing process that combines an aluminium core fused with a composite exterior. The result is a line of products unmatched strength, durability and a very attractive wood-like appearance. Today, this technology can be found in all our railing profiles and is available as an option with any of our pergolas. In addition we have added a line of special purpose hybrid profiles for your custom projects. TherraWood is leading the way with innovation to produce better products that provide excellent value for our customers.

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